How To Buy & Sell Bitcoin P2P With Instant Withdrawal US, UK | Cash App VS xCoins Review 2022

January 2022| Adam Hansbury

How can you buy & sell Bitcoin easily and with Instant withdrawl.

Once you have decided that you are willing and able to start buying or selling, finding the right place can be tough. Especially when you factor in the amount of options there are and when all of them have their own benefits. You also need to make sure that your transactions are secure, your rates are low, you can pay with your preferred payment method and withdraw quickly.

Most of the time you find an exchange then find out it has a longwinded verification processes that can take days.

Then, once you eventually sign up you realise that even after you make a purchase it will take another few days to get the BTC or Cash, depnding on whether you are buying or selling, into your account. 

So how can you find the right place to trade Bitcoin with secure transactions that gives everything you need in the quickest time posible? 

The Solution

What are the benefits for you?

We have trawled the internet to find the best P2P trading app that will help you to get started trading BTC if you have determined you are in the position to do so.

Peer-to-peer bitcoin sites have become more popular because these sites allow people to access bitcoins much quicker than if they had to wait for a bank transfer. Sites like xCoins have set out to provide a very unique platform for people to receive bitcoin and do so in a very fast and efficient manner. outranked the competitors in our search because, even though most are very similar, they include benefits that the others simply don’t, including:

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card & PayPal, Debit cards, Bank Transfers

At xCoins, users can obtain up to $2,000 of bitcoin in a single transaction. This is quite a bit higher than what is allowed in most areas where bitcoin is available. In addition to the large daily limit, there aren’t restrictions on how to buy bitcoin with a credit card because credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. The process to receive bitcoin is fully automated at xCoins and this makes the process much faster and more efficient when compared to other places where bitcoin is available.

Instant Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be taken as soon as the bitcoin or cash hits your wallet which is as quick as the payment takes to be processed.

Profit Margin Gaurantees

All other bitcoin lending platforms do not include a guarantee on your profit margins. With xCoins, if the lenders have profits and they fall under 50% xCoin will refund them with 50% profit margins at the very least.

Simple Fee Structure

In contrast to other platforms, xCoins offers a simple fee structure developed directly into the loan. Buying bitcoins upfront makes it easy to determine how much users are paying.

Low Amount Needed

You are able to start lending bitcoin without needing a huge capital, to begin with as they allow you to start lending with a $20 minimum.

Simple Verification

The verification process is super simple and used 2-factor authentication which means you can sign up in minutes.


When you normally sell bitcoin, you have to worry about fraud and chargebacks. xCoins reduces the risk of fraud for bitcoin sellers by verifying each buyer’s identity and by making a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller. The incidence of chargebacks is greatly reduced when selling with us.
Automated Trading
No need to stay up all night “trading.” xCoins will track user payments and release bitcoin for you. No manual processing of any kind is required. Just deposit bitcoin and hit start.

What is Crypto Lending and is it safe?

Crypto lending is essentially just as it sounds… it enables one investor to loan their cryptocurrencies to other ‘borrowers’ and is a type of decentralized finance (DeFis’ aim is to leverage smart contracts to offer financial instruments without relying on intermediaries like brokerages, exchanges, or banks). This allows the lender to then receive payments of interest in exchange.

According to Quora user CoinSwitch Kuber, “although crypto lending is an attractive option for borrowers and investors, you should not go into it blindly. That state that there are inherent risks associated with crypto lending, such as:

1. Lack of legal certainty: The crypto lending space is not regulated by any regulatory agencies, and the platform involves no KYC disclosures of borrowers and investors.

Also, as the platforms run on blockchain protocols for which there is no proven legal framework or recognition, there are no ways to recover your assets legally if anything goes wrong.

2. Insolvency risk: Being an unregulated space, the risk of losing your money is very high if the platform goes bankrupt. Unlike your bank deposits, which the central bank insures, crypto deposits are not insured.

3. Your loan is subject to margin call: Borrowing against a volatile asset class requires you to deposit more cryptocurrencies as collateral to avail of the loan. And, if the value of cryptocurrency drops, you need to provide additional cryptos to increase your crypto collateral to address the margin call.

4. Your cryptos are locked in for the loan period: You don’t have access to your cryptos during the loan tenure. Meaning, you cannot liquidate your holdings to limit the losses in case of a price drop.

5. Technical and custodial risk: The majority of the platform uses the decentralized protocol and smart contracts to facilitate lending and investing activity. Therefore, the risk of disruption in the platform due to a breakdown in protocol or hacks remains. It also depends on how and where your cryptos are stored.

To conclude they say, the risks associated with crypto lending may make it a little unattractive, but following safe practices like investing only with established platforms, receiving interest in fiat currency and stablecoins can help you to minimize the risks.”

As with anything related to crypto and the blockchain, you should always do your due diligence before trading and if you do the chances for reward can be great.

xCoins vs Cash App

What’s the difference?

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a popular mobile payment service developed by Block, Inc. that allows users to transfer Bitcoin to one another using a mobile phone app. The service is only available in the US and the UK. In September 2021, the service reported 70 million annual transacting users and has generated $1.8 billion in gross profit. 

Why is xCoins better?

One downfall of many other peer-to-peer bitcoin systems is the issue of payment disputes. On other sites, there is a manual and user-generated aspect to each transaction. xCoins has automated the process so there really is never a situation where a payment dispute would arise. Another very unique feature of using xCoins is the variety of payment methods that are accepted compared to other sites. Users can pay for bitcoins with PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, ACH transactions, and eChecks.
xCoins operates twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days per year, and it is one of the few platforms where the option to get bitcoin with a credit card is available. There are often questions that come up for users when they are making bitcoin transactions, so support is a key factor in having a positive experience. The xCoins team also offers twenty-four-hour round-the-clock live support to answer any questions that users have. This is another aspect of the site that makes it so efficient.
Before xCoins existed, the typical way to obtain bitcoin was a bit more complicated and not user-friendly at all. A transaction via bank transfer was the most widespread method and still is used quite often. Bank transfers often take a week or longer to complete. Part of the long process involves submitting several forms of identification, and several other forms that are intended to verify the residence of the user. Funding this type of transaction also takes a great deal more effort, and will actually cost the user much more in fees. The most widely accepted way of funding this type of transaction is a wire transfer. Fees for wire transfers often run north of $50 and can take an additional three to five days to process. The process xCoins has created gives users much faster access to bitcoin, and eliminates the hassle and headaches. The ability to buy bitcoin with a credit card helps to speed the process up.
xCoins describes itself as “a peer to peer platform in which users work together to find an amount of bitcoin and a price that works for both parties. The system is fully automated so the process operates very smoothly for all parties involved.”

Real Reviews From Real People

Read what previous buyers and lenders have to say about the platform.

How to Use xCoins.

Full instructions on how to sign up and get started.

The first necessary step is to visit the site here

Then you just need to type in the requested details. Once done you should receive a confirmation email (If not received after a few minutes check your spam and then try again). Enter your code in the correct place back on their website and follow the additional instructions.

Then, once you have chosen a  password, you will be redirected to the next page to select your country which you should do.

The next step in the registration process with them would be the 2-factor authentication method. As mentioned before, the 2-factor authentication sets xCoins above the rest in terms of Security.

Enter your mobile number and you will receive the 6 digit code for authentication. Don’t forget to use your international country code before your mobile number (If you’re from the UK then you need to type in +44 then your 10-digit mobile number etc).

If you decide you don’t want to use 2-factor authentication using your mobile number, for any reason, then you have the option to use Google Authenticator instead.

You will be redirected to the “Get Bitcoin” page on their website once you verify the six-digit code with them. At this point, you can choose which tab to click.

The minimum and maximum amount required to purchase Bitcoin is $10.00 and $1,000.00 respectively.

Now you will either be considered a lender or borrower (Or both) depending on whether you want to buy or loan bitcoin.

Your request is matched up with a lender willing to lend you the amount you need along with their interest rates. Borrower and lender do not need to communicate since everything is automated. After the payment is processed, Bitcoin is automatically transferred to the borrower’s account after being sent directly to the lender’s PayPal account.

If you want to be a lender, you will be given the options to go with.


How to Buy, Sell and Loan Bitcoin for a profit now

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